Establishment and termination of the Work Contract

  • Drawing up Labor Contracts of all forms and specific types: indefinite / fixed term, full / part-time, standby contracts, parallel employment contracts, mixed contracts, employee lending contracts, fourth shift contracts, apprenticeship contracts, telework contracts, Directorate persons contracts, contracts with special categories emloyees (itinerant salesmen, hotel (seasonal) workers etc).
  • Content Configuration and special conditions of employment contracts / clauses limiting freedom of occupation - competition ban- parallel employment - paying education expenses - managerial prerogative enlargement - revocation of wage benefits.
  • Employment Contract Complaint.
  • Typesetting - Documentation / Rebuttal of claims relating to the validity of the dismissal / restrictions concurrency check in the exercise of the right, dismissals for logistic reasons, collective redundancies, protection of special categories of employees (pregnant women, trade unionists, soldiers).