Our law firm was founded in 1998 by Tasos Tarpinidis, a close associate of the late Employment Attorney Thanasis Giannousis, continuing quality and specialized legal services in labor disputes.

Posing as sole aim to provide our services with maximum speed, reliability and efficiency, our office was gradually staffed and is now a group of combatant lawyers, well - known for their professionalism, experience and above all for their specialized scientific training in demanding and ever changing field of labor relations.

In our most long path we manage methodically and by scientifically documented ways to satisfy the demands of our clients, utilizing all modern methods of resoluting the disputes that create employment relations.

Our legal support, continuously provided to our clients, extends from the advisory monitoring and organization of working relations to the most complex forms of judicial acts and their legal representation at all levels of jurisdiction (Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Council of State).

Already in the summer of 2016 our office, corresponding to the modern requirements and forms of the legal profession, proceeded to the transformation of a law firm under the name "Tarpinidis & Associates Lawyers Company", leading developments in the field of Labour Lawyers and remaining at the same time faithful in the temporal relationship with it’s clientele, in the areas of activity.